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Web Design

All client sites were custom designed with the client’s input throughout the process. Only after meetings with the client and research into the client’s market did we begin the site development.

This set the client apart from the competitor’s “cookie cutter” site. Our goal was to capture the essence of the company in the site so that when a potential or actual client clicked on the site, they were not only presented with the needed information, but they got a feel for the company.

Some of aspects of this process were:

  • Custom Web Page Design: Starting from scratch with each site to give companies a solid presence on the web.
  • Website Re-design: Even if you had a site on the web, you were still a candidate for our services. Did you feel that your site adequately represented your company? If not, we designed a site that encompassed all that your company had to offer.
  • Custom E-mail Design: Were you looking to send your clients and potential clients an email that will grab their attention?  CRWC designed an email that would be graphically enhanced and would captivate your audience.
  • Content management systems: With websites today, one of the big concerns was that the content was hard to keep up to date. All websites built by CRWC are serviceable by a content management system, enabling the organization to easily update the content on the site.


Search Engine Optimization

There is a reason that certain websites show up at the top of web searches in Google and others don’t. CRWC  worked with companies to put together a Search Engine Optimization strategy that helped the company rank for relevant keywords in the industry.

CRWC  performed an analysis to determine how the competitors were ranking.  We  then developed a short and long term strategy to effectively help the client  rise to the top of search engines, as well as a strategy to sustain that position.  It was not only important for us to help the client rise to the top of industry specific keywords, it was also our job to provide our clients with the necessary tools to monitor the traffic that came to the site.


Social Media

With years of corporate social media experience, CRWC  worked with organizations to build a comprehensive social media strategy that helped build the online presence of the organization.  Our philosophywas that social networks were not a one way communication channel, and that, instead, their best purposewas to foster and encourage back and forth communication with the organization.

CRWC  provided a wide array of services, varying from a long term, all inclusive marketing strategy that included the effective utilization of social media, to the day to day plans needed in order to keep the initiative running after the initial set up.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design services ranged from business cards and logos to the creation of a unified design for the entire company including advertisements, website, etc. We believed that maintaining consistency in the multiple visual objects an organization presents created greater brand recognition.

We believed one company should have one image because there is nothing worse than a variety of marketing pieces that do not flow together.  Our process took a look at what a company already had in place for their marketing media and presented a graphic concept that fit  the needs of the company and created similarity between the varieties of media.

CRWC has extensive experience creating the following items:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Advertisements for Paper or Web Publication
  • Business Card Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Annual Report Design
  • Envelope Design


Web Tools

Communication is vital to the sustainability of a company. Whether your organization is big or small there is still the need for departments, individuals, customer care representatives and customers to share information and communicate.

E-mail has sufficed in the past; however, in the future e-mail alone will not carry the organization and allow it to achieve its full upside potential. CRWC  put together an assortment of easy-to use tools that help a company communicate effectively and efficiently.

  • Forum implementation and maintenance: We  created  fully customizable web forums that allowed for communication in multiple different forms. It was set up as a communication device so that departments could increase cohesion, or it could be used as an efficient way for businesses to let their customers talk and discuss new products.
  • Image Galleries: These software packages allowed customers to easily manage and update pictures on the web. This service had a variety of uses and could be creatively implemented even in a business setting to allow collaboration on projects.
  • Blogs: Blogging is one of the fastest growing trends in the web world. Almost every big company has a variety of blogs that keep the rest of the world up to date with what is going on. These were easy to manage and allowed  customers to feel like they are part of the action.